There is no moral precept that does not have something inconvenient about it. - Denis Diderot

Our first news conference, August 24, 2007, was well attended by local reporters. Thanks to all supporters and reporter who attended carried the message of truth to the people.

date source author title and tease
8-25-07 The Signal Christi Anne Corpus Push Made for City Ethics Code - Not Online at this time - who knows why
8-25-07 Daily News Judy O'Rourke E-mail mistakenly suggested mayor backed hospital plan - SANTA CLARITA - An e-mail sent by a city official to a local resident about a yet-to-be-approved hospital expansion plan has led to allegations that the mayor has made up her mind about the project. The e-mail - written by Community Development Director Paul Brotzman but signed by Mayor Marsha McLean without her approval ... more
8-25-07 scvTalk Cal Residents form ethics committee to push for change at City Hall - Several prominent local community activists met yesterday at City Hall to announce the formation of the Santa Clarita Valley Ethics Alliance. ... more
8-25-07 scvTalk scvBruce Ethics Alliance wants your support, details claims - Thanks for the notice on our SCV Ethics Alliance coming out party today. ... more
8-24-07 KHTS Jon Dell
Reynolds McFarland Calls For Code Of Ethics -Resident urges City to establish ethical guidelines - This afternoon, local resident Bruce McFarland stood outside of City Hall and called on the city of Santa Clarita to establish a code of ethics. ... more Conf
8-24-07 scvTalk I Heart SCV City Hall ethics press conference - With classes not yet in session and work in the afternoon, I stand in the enviable position of being able to attend “news conferences” like the one held by Bruce McFarland & Co. at 11am this morning. (The always charming Gail Ortiz, City Communications Division Manager, may or may not have met/identified two individuals associated with IHeartSCV at said conference; we'll leave that for her to decide.) ... more
8-20-07 The Signal Bruce McFarland City Leaders Shouldn't Fear a Code of Ethics - On July 10, I wrote about the need for Santa Clarita to adopt an official code of ethics for officials and city employees. Other than the mayor, who must have misunderstood the question when she was quoted in The Signal, the overwhelming majority of citizens, city officials, city employees, and even the Signal's Meter Reader Poll, have told me a code of ethics for Santa Clarita would be a good thing. ... more
7-16-07 West Ranch Beacon admin A prescription for discord: Henry Mayo Newhall wants to expand, but one of its neighbors is rallying the opposition. - The city of Santa Clarita, faced with the pressures of a burgeoning population, is grappling with the need to expand its only hospital despite residents’ concerns that a towering medical complex ... more
7-13-07 The Signal Kristopher Daams Santa Clarita Lacks an Official Ethics Policy - In the wake of allegations of collusion between city and hospital officials, some are questioning why Santa Clarita has no official ethics policy. ... more
7-13-07 Ender website Laurie Ender Ender criticizes Boydston for revealing emails - The Unwritten Code of Ethics - There has been some buzz around town the last few weeks regarding ethics and City employees and officials. I know there are about 24 people who closely follow the local "municipal goulash"
7-10-07 The Signal Bruce McFarland The City Lacks a Code of Ethics, and It Shows - I want to thank city manager, Ken Pulskamp and director of community development, Paul Brotzman for meeting with me Friday to discuss the city’s investigation of collusion surrounding the Henry Mayo/G&L Realty’s proposed Hospital Master Plan. ... more
7-6-07 Newsbyte Bruce McFarland Audio Interview with Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Pulskamp and Community Development Director, Paul Brotzman, about alleged impropriety of Santa Clarita city staff regarding their relationship with former city planning director, Jeff Lambert. ... more
7-4-07 The Signal Bruce McFarland Will Ferry Stand Up? Will Pulskamp Stand Down? - The so-called "Hospital Master Plan" is the most contentious issue to ever face our city. It prompted Councilman Frank Ferry to explode like a spoiled child in council chambers, and it has called into question the ethics of the city Planning Department and the people who direct it. ... more
6-28-07 The Signal Kristopher Daams City to Investigate Allegations of Hospital Collusion - Allegations of collusion between high-level city planning officials and a Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital consultant will be investigated by City Manager Ken Pulskamp. ... more
6-24-07 The Signal Kristopher Daams HMNMH Gears Up for Next Hearing - Round Two of a stormy public hearing over a planned hospital expansion is scheduled Tuesday night at City Hall, with City Council members expected to hear more arguments and then put off the whole matter until August. The volatile hearing two weeks ago exploded into controversy when ... more
6-14-07 The Signal Kristopher Daams Hospital Plan Stalls in Council - Amid acrimony and allegations of collusion between high-level city planning staff and a hospital consultant, City Council members indicated a plan to expand Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital may still need some serious revisions. ... more