We invite you to see how other cities have dealt with public demands for ethical behavior in their cities.
Central Basin Water Code of Conduct
Developing Local Agency Ethics Code Guide
Glendal Code of Ethics
Key Ethics Law Principles
Long Beach Code of Ethics
Los Angeles Code of Ethics
San Antonio Code of Ethics
San Diego Employee Code of Conduct
Santa Clara 2006 Survey Results
Santa Clara Code of Ethics
Santa Maria Code of Ethics
Sonoma Code of Ethics
Spokane Transit Authority Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy
St.Louis Code of Conduct
Strathfield Business Code of Conduct
Strathfield Code of Conduct
Strathfield Volunteer Code of Conduct
Thousand Oaks Code of Ethics
Toronto Council Members Code of Conduct
United Nations Honduras Municiple Code of Ethics
Vancouver Corporate Code of Conduct
Woodside Code of Ethics
Woollahra Code of Conduct
Woollahra Contractors Code Of Conduct
more resources to come